Paw Paw Public Library District


Governance and Policies

Paw Paw Public Library District Strategic Plan 2019 – 2024


Paw Paw Public Library has been a vital part of the community since 1936. Local support has allowed the library to grow and evolve in order to meet the needs of the people of the district. The following plan will guide the library’s efforts to continue serving the needs of its patrons and the community.


Community Needs and Goals

Paw Paw Public Library (PPPL) started work on its 2019-2024 long-range plan in August 2019 by collecting data, information and input. At regularly scheduled monthly meetings, library staff and board members reviewed the previous long-range plan and discussed PPPL’s successes and challenges with the goals laid out in that plan.

Staff and board members also looked at library attendance, circulation and program statistics as well as community demographics and data from similar-sized libraries. Other rural and small libraries’ data offered insight into trends occurring across the country.

Through this collection and study of information, staff has determined three main goals for this plan and developed a mission statement.


Goal 1

Library staff will be involved and visible in activities throughout PPPL’s service are

A) Objective
Increase use of the library as a community gathering place


1. In collaboration with the Village and the Village Board members, update and renew the shared gathering place
2. Continue library sponsored and hosted interest groups, i.e. gardening, book club, needlework and history clubs, etc.

B) Objective

Maintain the library’s existing partnerships and seek out additional ones with community entities

1. Continue story times for local daycares and young children of the community
2. Encourage staff and library board members to be library champions at community activities
3. Offer library card sign-up
4. Provide library activities in conjunction with Village events

C) Objective

Employ a variety of tools/sources to provide information about PPPL’s services and materials


1. Continue developing website and other marketing tools including newsletter and handouts while also evaluating the effectiveness of each tool
2. Increase online presence and promote new PPPL website


Goal 2

Update and increase library’s services and materials for the entire service community

Increase interactions among different ages and demographics, i.e. teens, new adults, new residents

1. Check into placing library welcome bags at Village Clerk’s Office
2. Continue adding new books to the children’s section with the help of our yearly Barnes&Nobles fundraiser and sell/donate outdated editions
3. Move young adults material to adult department
4. Add a variety of graphic novels for teens and continue to grow the current selection for young adults
5. Hold history preservation activities and education


Goal 3

Remain a technology resource for the community



Provide access, share resources and offer help with current and future technologies


1. Add computers and update operational software on existing units
2. Continue offering technology assistance
3. Provide specific technology lessons based on patron interest or demand


Lin Reed – President, term expires 2025
Jennifer Hollenback – Secretary, term expires 2023
Kim Tipsord – Treasurer, term expires 2023
Janis Dunklau – Trustee, term expires 2025
Nikkie Michaels – Trustee, term expires 2025
Jenny Hendren – Trustee, term expires 2025
Cassie Clayton –Trustee, term expires 2023
The Library Board of Trustees meets the fourth Tuesday of every month @ 6:30 pm at the library. Public is welcome.